Abibù Bigiù 

Abibù Bigiù



Abibù Bigiù is an Italian brand born in 2010 from the ideas of Annarosa Dell'Osso, a Roman artist who after graduating in Political Science and a longstanding experience in the pharmaceutical  sector, has returned to her ancient passion for creative design, applying it to creating jewels. She's
learned the old technique of creating  wax patterns, which allow the creation of truly unique pieces.
She pursues her passion directly in her laboratory in Rome and the successive stages of the work of the object, from the melting of the wax, which is transformed into metal, to the subsequent finishing and welding. Earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets are all handmade unique items, result of a long and hard process.

The most commonly used metals are gold bronze, red bronze and silver, sometimes combined with each other.


Everyday objects, the common things we have under our eyes, are Abibu Bigiu's bijoux inspiration sources. The clothes put out to dry, the hands of a watch, a field in bloom, all these ideas have been translated to the "wardrobe", "I can not wait" and "bucolic" collections...


In this journey, the bijou is no longer something distant and impersonal to wear occasionally, but a presence that tells a way of being, the character of the person, transmitting a sense of creativity, sympathy, originality; A language that does not need words but is made up of looks, forms, images.


Abibù Bigiù's collections are sold in the best  jewelry and  clothing stores in Rome, Turin, Milan, Naples, Matera, Cosenza, Tropea, Monte Carlo, Paris and in Ponte Milvio's showroom in Rome.


Some collections are exclusively sold  online.



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